Reasons as to Why Paediatric Heart Surgery Used to Be Dangerous

When it comes to the evolution of health care, in the recent times there have been one too many changes and advances that have taken. In the older days it was really difficult to conduct paediatric heart surgeries, especially the ones that involved placing an implant inside the organ or just about any cardiovascular surgery.  In this article we will be taking a look at some of the reasons as to why it was difficult for the surgeons to perform paediatric heart surgery and how it has changed over time.

Another thing that should also be noted is the fact that all technological advancements have helped the surgeon make better decisions in saving lives of their young patients. With that said, following are some of the reasons as to why paediatric surgery used to be dangerous in the older days, check them out below.

Lack of Adequate Technology

The biggest hindrance back in the days was that the surgeons did not have adequate technology to go through with the surgery. Because nowadays, they sit down with the engineers and devise a plan that is mostly successful does not mean it used to happen exactly like that in the older days. A lot of lives used to get lost because the technology was not advanced enough. All they had to rely on was their experience.

3D Modelling

Another thing that was missing from the equation was that 3D modelling was introduced much later which helped them in printing a heart in the exact shape of a child’s heart and they would be able to demonstrate the procedure on the model or at least check if it was achievable or not. But yes, technology has helped them in making a more confident decision.

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