What Do Condominiums Offer You?

Quite a lot of people are generally unaware of all the benefits that you can get from living in a condominium and so we will be discussing why it is a very viable option for residence for any person who is looking to live in a big city like Toronto on a budget. First of all you need to know what kind of condominium you are looking for, there are large projects, like the 357 King West condos, which you can find in the middle of the city that are well connected to the rest of the city, and then there are smaller condominiums spread throughout the city at various locations. However, what all of these have in common is that they provide a unique set of benefits that a person cannot get from living in a house or in an apartment.

First of all there is the fact that you will be protected by special security systems put in place for the convenience of the residents. Safety doors and security personnel will always be around to make sure that the condominium is safe for the people who live inside it. Another team of maintenance personnel will also be ready to help out with any problems that might come your way with regards to the building. This is especially for people who are too busy, do not have the necessary skill set, or are too old to do the maintenance work themselves. Both of these teams are there without any extra charge to the people living there. You do have to pay a monthly living fee but the amount of benefits you get makes it worth it. Especially, since you also have access to all the condominium’s amenities and facilities like the pool room, the recreational center, and the indoor gym.

How to Choose The Best Wi-Fi Router

Wireless routers have changed our lives in a huge way. Their importance in our development is taken for granted. Everywhere we see now days, we have Wi-Fi available. Wireless internet has helped us advance, for instance, it has changed the way mobile phones now operate, we no longer need to use maps to instead we have Sat-Nav, Cable TV and sitcom is out dated because now we can stream Netflix on our TVs etc. These are a few of the countless examples of how much our lives have changed since the inception Wi-Fi. The evolution of routers has now come a long way. We are at a point where they are now near to perfect. Yet they are not.

Hence today we will tell you how to choose the best wireless router and which one is the best. The first thing to look for in a modern day Wi-Fi router is that you should always look out for the speed it provides. The first feature to look for is that it should be Gigabit Wi-Fi compatible. This means that the router can now provide humongous amounts of speed even though it is not readily available. But you should regardless of it get one with this facility because then once that speed is available, you will not have to replace it. Secondly, look for a reputable company rather than a recent start up.

This is because wireless routers come at hefty costs and huge IT giants like Dell or Tenda will provide customer support, warranty, guarantee and even returns if you’re not satisfied with it. You should always go for the best one because it is a onetime investment and you should do it wisely. The warranty helps if it breaks down in the future.

What You Can Expect From a Good Fireplace Company

Some people believe that fireplaces are old news, while most beg to differ. Fireplaces can be very useful and can give your house a very good look at the same time. So what do you do if you choose to have a fireplace built in your house? Well, I have a few suggestions for you that you can follow and look for in a company that helps you build those designs.


When it comes to fireplaces, they can look very useless and even dangerous. It just does not fit well. However, if you give it a beautiful mantel to go with it, then it becomes much more practical and safe. Also, it does not look like you are living in the Stone Age, but actually looks very artistic. Make sure you find a company that provides you with great designs.


I am sure you have been taught this or have heard it before, that fire is not something to play with. Keeping that in mind, you must also make sure that the company you are hiring at least has some sort of experience in the respective field, and has some qualifications.


If a company only gives you different designs of fireplaces, then you cannot really do much with it. Make sure you are not paying a lot of people, and go for someone whom you can contact for designs, installations, repairs and other related services. The IGNE FERRO Architectural Fire Place Studio is one company in Canada that has over a decade of experience. They are extremely reliable and provide their customers with all kinds of services. They even have different accessories that you will need with a fireplace, and have a lot of different related services that you can avail.

Adjusting Your Toilet Tank’s Water Level

The toilet is a marvellous invention that has made our lives so much easier and cleaner, it has certainly improved our standard of living and can be commonly found in any civilised area. One of the most important components of a toilet is its water tank, this tank holds water that is released to flush the toilet and get rid of any waste present. The force and duration of a flush is determined by the amount of water that is present in the toilet tank at the time; a higher water level in the tank results in a more powerful flush while a lower water level would produce a smaller flush.

The water level in toilet tanks is regulated by float valves of two kinds; concentric valves and ball-cock valves, both of which can be tinkered with to adjust your toilet’s water holding. If you feel like your toilet is not producing strong enough flushes or that it is doing the opposite and wasting too much water with each flush then there are a few ways in which you adjust your tank’s float valves to alter your water levels.

Each method is incredibly simple and all that you will need is a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to get the job done.

Ball-Cock Valve Adjustment

If your toilet uses a ball-cock valve then the first thing that you will need to do is determine at what position does the valve cause water to run, to do this, open your toilet tank and push the ball float of your valve down by hand until you hear water beginning to run. To increase the water level, you can turn an adjustment screw which can be found at the very end of the inner rod.

Now turn the vertical adjustment screw which is found at the point where the rod connects with the valve, hold the ball float and lift it up and then give the screw a 360 degree counter clockwise turn. This will raise your water level, you can do the opposite if you want to lower your water level. Once you have adjusted your valve, let your tank fill up and then observe the power of the flush now, if the water does not stop coming out then that means that you have exceeded the maximum adjustment level. Open the water tank and fiddle with the adjustment screw till you get the desired flush.

Concentric Valve Adjustment

For this adjustment, first empty the toilet tank and identify the vertically moving float inside the tank, now let the tank fill up again. Now find the adjustment rod and loosen the small end that is situated on top of the rod, once it is loose enough to allow the rod to move freely, turn the rod clockwise two to three times in order to raise the water levels. Put the screw back in place and observe the power of the flush to determine whether you need to adjust the rod further or not.

A Guide to Picking The Right Family Home

Studies show that most people begin thinking about getting a home of their own once they cross the age of 25, buying a home is a pretty big decision and therefore one must take a number of factors into consideration before picking a place to settle down. Your home should be a source of comfort and peace for you and your family, meaning that it should provide you with all the comforts that you need and should make your life more practical as well.

When looking for a home, an important factor that you should take into consideration is that how close is your home going to be to your workplace, traffic is a really big issue which can make commuting very slow, therefore you should try and find a home that is centrally located or is close to your workplace. A commute that is not painstakingly long will not only save time, but it will also help you perform better at work and keep you close to home even when you are not present there.

You should also keep the neighbourhood in mind when looking for a home, the type of locality in which your home will be situated will have a direct impact on your lifestyle. Make sure to assess the type of neighbours in the area, the crim rate and check what kind of development projects are planned in the area. The crime rate is an especially important factor since it will ensure your family’s and your belongings’ safety.

The indoor design and outdoor design of your home should also be considered, a well-designed home will not only bolster your security level, it will also provide indoor features in a way that children and elderly are not exposed to potential threats. Make sure that the electrical points in your home come with safety features or are placed at a height which makes the inaccessible for toddlers (around 3 feet high). Balcony railings are also important should your home have a second storey or a terrace, proper railings should not be climbable and should be able to withstand a decent amount of weight.

Another security and safety feature is window grills, grills make windows more secure and also prevent children from opening them, some grills can be opened while others are permanently fixed, the latter usually provide better safety and security. You should also make sure that the pain used in your home is toxic free and does not turn into a potential safety hazard in its later years.

Accessibility is a really important factor, make sure that your home is not too far from your children’s school and that it is located near to a medical service centre or a hospital. All the right kind of services and amenities should be available in your locale to make sure that your family adjusts to the new home quickly and that you can begin living in your new home with comfort and ease.

Build Your Own Wood Fuelled Hot Tub

If you are someone who lives off the grid or someone who simply wants to enjoy soaking in an old-fashioned wooden hot tub without having to pay an arm and a leg for it then this DIY hot tub project might be of your interest. Keep in mind that this project is not an easy one and does require a lot of effort, but the end results make all the hardship worthwhile, a long soak in a hot tub can help one relax and allow their bodies to be free of fatigue and pains.

The first thing that you will need for building a proper wood burning hot tub is a deck on which to place it, you could also place it on any other flat surface since building a wooden deck is no easy task. Once you have a place where you can place your tub, it is time to start building the tub itself, wooden hot tubs are usually made of tight grained wood such as No.2 Cedar, as long as the wood that you choose is tight grained and knot free, you are good to go.

Now, for building the tub’s walls, you need to cut the wood that you have picked to make staves that have a thickness of 1.5 inches and a height of 3 feet, each stave should be 4 inches wide. Measure the number of staves that you are going to need, the amount will depend on the size of your tub, once you know how many staves you will need, you can being cutting them. A bead and cove joint design will be most suitable for creating the tub wall since it will help in keeping the tub watertight and it will also provide a natural curve to the tub wall.

Along with making cuts for the bead and cove joints, you should also cut 11/16 inch deep dado joints at the staves bottom to make connecting them to the base of the tub easier. For the base; 2 x 6 tongue and groove cedar is the most suitable choice, the base should be knot free and sturdy enough to take the weight of water. A floor drain should also be cut into the base of the tub, you can go for a simple push-button bathtub drain that can be extended with a drain pipe attached to its exterior.

Now that you have everything ready, assemble the tub using a mallet to push the staves into place and then secure everything together with some sturdy steel cables that hold the staves in place firmly. You can also design a bench for your hot tub on which you can sit, if you have the right tools on hand then you can either build a submersible woodstove yourself or buy one locally, these stoves cost around $200.

The total cost of a DIY wooden hot tub project should be around $700, which is nothing when you compare it to how much a wooden hot tub would usually cost.