Features of WordPress That Everyone Loves

If you use the internet often then there is a high chance that you have come across a WordPress based website or a blog in your life because that is how popular WordPress is. It has been around for some time and people still use it because of the ease of usage and many useful features that it offers. If you are thinking about using WordPress for your own means then we can tell you that it is a good decision.

There are so many Webmastertipps that can help you with it and you should also have a look at the features that would prove to be useful to you:

Search Engine Optimized

Whether you are planning to create a blog or website, you probably know that it cannot get popular if you do not make use of SEO but it is often not easy to utilize. Good news is that WordPress offers many SEO based options which users can utilize so that their content gets pinpointed during a search on different search engines.


WordPress has made the publishing of posts, blogs, images etc. easy as the tools available take care of everything. You would be able to publish with the help of first creating drafts, choosing a particular date and time for publishing, securing the content that you post with passwords and much more.

Access Permission

If you are the administrator, you have the authority to give the editors the power to only edit whilst the writers can create content and the viewers or subscribers will have their own profile and can view your content.

Theme Control

You can choose a theme from the archives of WordPress or even upload your own theme if you want and all of it would take minutes only.

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