Building PCs

Building cheap gaming computers is not an easy task. Gaming computers are quite expensive and it is nearly impossible getting component maxed out if you are not obscenely rich. However, we all love gaming and PCs are arguably the most versatile gaming platform available to us. You should aim to build your gaming PC over time and not all at once. This can help you improve, update, and afford things over the course of time so that you end up with a pretty good gaming PC.

For the best billiga gamingdatorer you might have to get a bit creative with what you buy but there are some things that you just have to invest in properly to get a good computer made. One of those things is the processor. Your CPU or central processing unit is the main thing that runs your computer. Many would call it the brain of the computer and it is in charge of running all operations your desktop runs. The processor’s quality decides how many programs can be run at once and at what speed each program can be run. The better the processor the better each thing can be run on the computer.

Another important part is the memory card. The RAM or Random Access Memory lets the computer store and access information quickly and easily. When your computer is low on RAM then it will start to slow down and you will experience a lot of lag in your games. Having an above adequate amount of memory is always recommended so that over time your computer is able to run as well as it did in the start. As a general rule you should have at least 4GBs of RAM for your gaming computer. More is better and the most you will ever need is 16GB.

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