Adjusting Your Toilet Tank’s Water Level

The toilet is a marvellous invention that has made our lives so much easier and cleaner, it has certainly improved our standard of living and can be commonly found in any civilised area. One of the most important components of a toilet is its water tank, this tank holds water that is released to flush the toilet and get rid of any waste present. The force and duration of a flush is determined by the amount of water that is present in the toilet tank at the time; a higher water level in the tank results in a more powerful flush while a lower water level would produce a smaller flush.

The water level in toilet tanks is regulated by float valves of two kinds; concentric valves and ball-cock valves, both of which can be tinkered with to adjust your toilet’s water holding. If you feel like your toilet is not producing strong enough flushes or that it is doing the opposite and wasting too much water with each flush then there are a few ways in which you adjust your tank’s float valves to alter your water levels.

Each method is incredibly simple and all that you will need is a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to get the job done.

Ball-Cock Valve Adjustment

If your toilet uses a ball-cock valve then the first thing that you will need to do is determine at what position does the valve cause water to run, to do this, open your toilet tank and push the ball float of your valve down by hand until you hear water beginning to run. To increase the water level, you can turn an adjustment screw which can be found at the very end of the inner rod.

Now turn the vertical adjustment screw which is found at the point where the rod connects with the valve, hold the ball float and lift it up and then give the screw a 360 degree counter clockwise turn. This will raise your water level, you can do the opposite if you want to lower your water level. Once you have adjusted your valve, let your tank fill up and then observe the power of the flush now, if the water does not stop coming out then that means that you have exceeded the maximum adjustment level. Open the water tank and fiddle with the adjustment screw till you get the desired flush.

Concentric Valve Adjustment

For this adjustment, first empty the toilet tank and identify the vertically moving float inside the tank, now let the tank fill up again. Now find the adjustment rod and loosen the small end that is situated on top of the rod, once it is loose enough to allow the rod to move freely, turn the rod clockwise two to three times in order to raise the water levels. Put the screw back in place and observe the power of the flush to determine whether you need to adjust the rod further or not.

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