Why Do Scan Checks

If you are a business owner or someone who runs an organization then we would advise that you increase the severity of the background checks that you conduct on the employees that you are going to be hiring. Generally people hiring a new employee will do a regular local check on the person. You will check if he is on the databases in the local police areas and what their online history is and whether they have any suspicious behaviour online. However, this can often not be enough. A few years ago when this was the most easily available information around and people could not move around or have access to as much technology this would be fine. But now there is a lot more that can be done from your end, and it is much easier for an employee to hide the information that they do not want you do see. In these cases, we suggest that as an employer, you move towards finger print scanning your new potential employees.

While this might seem strange to some of the new people coming your way, a fingerprint scan is not a difficult thing to do and is actually quite common in some industries, like government jobs, the education sector, or medical research facilities. With a finger print scan, you could easily get FBI level access to information for the background check. And best of all, it is perfectly legal to ask your employees for this. This check will let you know if the person if the person has committed any crime in the entire United States, if the name and information they are giving you is correct, if their credit history is clear, and if they have had any misdemeanors. You can go to fingerprinting locations to get the information.

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