What to Expect From a Fake Transcripts’ Issuing Service Provider?

Fake transcripts are something that I have known a lot of people to use. People can now just request for fake transcripts from different organizations and then get the fake transcript to be used further, wherever they want. If you have recently had any thoughts about getting a fake transcript, you might have had a few questions in your mind. Questions like “where do I find these people?”, “what colleges do they give it from?”, “how will I communicate with them?”, etc., are a few common curiosities. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you would have a relatively clearer idea on what to expect.


There are plenty of different institutions out there that you can have on your fake transcript. Whether it is the high school you attended and failed, whether it is a community college whose grades you want to change, or even universities, showing you passed with flying colors.

Important Things to Note

The thing about getting these different kinds of transcripts from different institutes is that you will need an original copy, first. The full name and address of the institute, along with what their registrar’s signature and stamp looks like, and even details like your student ID and enrollment numbers. So, I would say that try not to get it for a place you have never attended.

The Communication

The people who are forging these fake transcripts are quite discrete. I guess that works in the favor of them, as well as you. Things stay very private and confidential with these people, and it is so discrete that you probably will not even know them and just have enough communication to get the work done. However, go for someplace where it is safe to say that the fake transcript template is very realistic.

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