The Fight Against Shame And Regret

You spend days after days digging holes to bury your shame and regret but still somehow it managed to creep out and poke you when you least expect it. All of us have heard this at one point in our lives that there is no escaping our shame and the regrets of our past.

This simple sentence can be a full stop for someone’s life rather than a means for them to adapt. It is easy to believe that you are trapped with your regrets and shame for the rest of your life but that is simply just not true at all. The very core of our sins lies in the fact that they haunt much later than when they are committed. They are sins because they are crimes and punishment all in one. That is why they are deadly. Still if one commits sin does not mean that they must spend their lives trying to recover from them. You might’ve wronged someone thinking what you were doing were for the best and now the fact that you kept them from the truth disturbs you. As time passes, feelings like these can really bring you down someone’s hey are strong enough to make us hate ourselves.

This is where you need help in order to cope with these feelings. You might feel like that you deserve to feel this way and that is simply not true. You deserve a chance to make amends with your conscience. Go read the stories on the blog by Jay Depoy of brave people who felt something similar to what you are and how they choose to adapt to what they felt. It will show you that you are not alone in this war and there are ways to overcome this obstacle.

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