Marc is ardently enthusiastic about the environment and is also involved in creating works of art for the public to enjoy. He has started various initiatives in this regard in his home city, Montreal, including encouraging large scale recycling and the use of reusable cotton bags instead of plastic. One of Marc’s mottos is to “be local” and as a result he is very passionate about his community and sharing ideas of how communities can work together to make a positive impact on their environment.

The Ice Candles

This is another art project that Marc is working on. In the middle of winter in St Petersburg, a work of art is on display.

Environmentally Friendly Bags

Marc’s idea was to print his art on cotton bags so that these could be used instead of plastic bags – which is much healthier.

Ice Theatre

The Ice Theatre is an art project that initially started as something fun and exciting that Marc could do for his son.

Garbage Zorro

To educate the local community kids on the environment and recycling, Marc got them involved in this project.