Prepare Well For Travelling in Goa

According to Indians and uncountable foreigners, visiting Goa is a life changing experience which is why we always recommend going there once and the best thing is that it is not too expensive even for a foreigner. If you want to truly enjoy your time in Goa then it is a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for how the life in Goa works.

Explore Vastly

If you are a beach lover and are going there to enjoy the beaches then we would suggest that you do not stick to the famed beaches, instead go to the ones where there is not much crowd and truly enjoy the beach. The beaches that we would recommend are Velsao, Butterfly and Kakolem beaches.

Beauty of Off-Season

We always advise people to go to Goa in an off-season and that the time that you would truly get to enjoy the place because if you go in the season you would find that resorts in Goa and actually would cost thrice its original price, it would be crowded and it’ll be hard to find to do anything peacefully.

Sporty Activities

If you do not want to limit your time to the beach only then you should go check out activities like dirt road and quad bikes and numerous water sports that will show you a beautiful side of Goa.


Throughout the trip, we would suggest that you focus on the food there as it is a mixture of Goan and Portuguese cuisine but if you are not used to spicy food then we would suggest that you select the food carefully. The food there would take you on a journey of its own and you would be able to find vegetarian and non-vegetarian options easily.

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