How Does PRP Therapy Work?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a type of skin therapy that is being all around the globe. You might have come across pictures of it on internet as many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bar Refaeli and more are avid receivers of it. Due to its nature and after effects, it is also called a vampire facelift and if you have seen pictures of celebrities with blood on their face after the therapy, you would understand why this name was given.

PRP skin therapy is something that use platelet rich plasma blood to promote skin regeneration and new growth to be perfect. Platelets have been found to promote regeneration of skin in any part of the body and correct any problem that is there which is why they are often used on patients of serious injuries. The same concept is applied for this particular therapy so that a dull skin can be brought back to life and look perfect. The therapy works on people who suffer from wrinkles, scars, marks, different tones, uneven surface and bad complexion. It sounds a bit scary and unbelievable to many but you can read up about it as there have been quite a lot of researches on it. Only try it out if you find that it actually does produce the effects it boasts.

The process is quite simple, blood is drawn from the patient him/herself and platelets are extracted from it by the process of centrifugation. A numbing agent is applied to the face of the recipient so that the process can become painless. Via needling method, the platelets are injected in the skin of the face and that is it. The skin recovers in 3 days but people start using makeup from the second day to cover up redness.

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