Everything There is to Know About Gum Graft Surgery

The gum is part of the mouth where roots of all the teeth are embedded and protected. A lot of people tend to have a condition in which their gums gradually start to recede and expose roots of the teeth making them prone to more sensitivity as well. This condition of the mouth is known as gingival recession or receding gums. Although some other measures can be taken for it but in most cases, people are required to get a gum grafting surgery. In dental jargon this procedure is known as gingival graft surgery as well.

Dentists in Jersey City provide this kind of procedure when to people who have receding gums. Basically the surgery procedure involves removal of tissue cells from the palate of the patient and then replacing where the gums are receding the most. In certain cases, people even involve donors who donate their gum tissues as well.

Here is everything that you need to know about gum graft surgery provided by dentists in Jersey City, check them out below.

Reasons For Gum Recession

In a lot of patients gum recession occurs because they end up brushing their teeth in an improper manner i.e. they either brush too hard or not properly enough which enables the gums to shrink back. If your gums haven’t entirely receded, dentist will teach you proper brushing technique to make the recession stop and stay in place otherwise it could get worsen.

Reasons For Getting Gingival Graft Surgery

  • Makes teeth less prone to sensitivity.
  • Prevents further gum recession.
  • Strengthens the gums.
  • Make people more confident while speaking and smiling, so a self-esteem boost is good for them. Plus it is important to be confident in professional life as well.
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