Common Old Home Problems

Sometimes they give you more space for lesser money and at other times they’re at a better location and suit your needs to the dot; old homes can be a very viable living option for those who are looking for a home to buy and move into. A lot of people save up to buy a home for years and years before they finally find one that they want to buy and it’s such a shame when people end up spending those hard earned savings on faulty homes.

Not all old homes are faulty and some can be even stronger than most new homes structurally but to get to the truth behind a home’s condition, you probably should hire an Asheville NC home inspection agent to help you out. There are some very minute details about a home that only home inspectors can dig out – it is their job to do this, after all! Here are some common problems with old or used homes that you probably aren’t going to find out about.

Dangerous Materials

Old homes sometimes contain hazardous substances in their construction such as asbestos, which can be fatal if inhaled. The use of such substances are now illegal but they can still be found in older buildings, which are anything but suitable for living in.

Water Leaks

You don’t find out about a leaking pipe till it dampens your wall and causes it to rot or till you get an outrageously high water usage bill. Plumbing problems can be annoying but they can also ruin your property.

Faulty Wiring

Old wires lose their conductivity, making them crunch up your electricity bill and also put your house at the risk of fire sometimes since they can heat up. If you’re buying an old home, you should definitely consider redoing the electrics if they haven’t ever been taken care of.

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