Cleaning Your Bathroom With No Effort

We all know that it’s a good practice to keep cleaning your house whenever you can but when it comes to cleaning up the bathroom, things can be a little tougher than you’d have thought – or not. There are two approaches that people have to cleaning their bathrooms; they either take some time out and get scrubbing till everything’s clean or they go online and look for shortcuts to the same results.

In the case of a bathroom, there are indeed certain shortcuts to cleaning that you can follow. On this page, we’ve got some low effort bathroom cleaning tips and tricks for you from Here’s what you can do to get the job done faster.

Cleaning The Toilet

Okay, no one likes sitting on a dirty toilet in a public place and it’s even sadder if the one you have at home is also dirty. Fortunately you can clean your bowl up very effectively by either pouring a can of soda or half a bottle of mouth wash in it. The idea is to leave your eccentric toilet cleaning fluid in the bowl for an hour or so after which you can scrub it clean and flush it. Voila, you’ll have a sparkling lean toilet and if you used the mouthwash, it probably smells nicer as well.

Cleaning Those Water Stains

Remember how nice and sparkling your bathroom was when it was brand new? The reason it’s not like that anymore is because there are hard water stains everywhere. Australia has hard water in most places so it’s no surprise if you see stains dulling the place up after some time. Fortunately, you can clean these up by using lemon juice and a rag. Just rub it in circular motions and then wash clean to restore the sparkling surface beneath.

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