Advertising And Marketing Online: A Brief Intro

Facebook is a powerful tool. It’s like a parallel universe that is really well connected to our world. Everything that happens in the real world can be found on facebook. One major criticism of facebook is that the users are not clients but products. Facebook is free but charges businesses for helping them reach their audience. They have a complex algorithm which segments users according to their interests, geographic locations, interactions, likes, subscribe and connections etc. This helps businesses target the specific audience, for instance a Cake Bakery would target women who are housewives, like and share baking or cooking videos and content and many more things.

But all this Facebook advertising is not so simple. The algorithms and which audience to select, making a plan which fits the best according to your budget, the dealings with Facebook representatives and many more nooks and crannies are present which are a separate skill to have. Hence there are marketers for facebook which solely deal with facebook promotions and one such company is Voy Media. Such companies deal in ads online, especially of facebook. They offer many plans and charge according to your budget at a fixed percentage. The tiers are divided according to the budget of marketing and they charge that fixed percentage regardless of how great the budget is.

They offer facebook and instagram ads service, one sole account manager, consultations on the brand, ad tracking analysis and returns, creative team and weekly and biweekly reporting, which depends on the budget and the plan selected. A lot of businesses have seen a boom due to this service. Facebook marketers can be said to be an Advertising agency but one which does the work on facebook. Their experience and their creativity yields the best results when combined together. If one wants to know the quality of their work, we can check their previous clients verbatim.

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