Ablutophobia: Why It’s Serious

Last year when the movie adaptation of the infamous Stephen King book IT came out, it opened room for a lot of discussions regarding phobias. Since the movie is basically about a clown killer, its posters were plastered everywhere from billboards to different social media pages and so on. A lot of people who happened to have coulrophobia which is the fear of clowns had to open up about their struggles and the importance of trigger warnings.

While some people continued to mock them, a lot of others gained a lot of insight into the matter and became more careful when it came to what they posted and how they acted around those with coulrophobia. Another phobia which while not as common, but still as important is ablutophobia. Now for those who may not be aware of it, ablutophobia is basically the fear of washing, cleaning or bathing. It may sound unreasonable to us, but for the people who happen to suffer from it, it’s a very serious part of their subjective reality. Each case will vary from the next. Now some people may be okay with showering but not using a bath tub, for others any sort of act revolving cleaning themselves can induce severe anxiety.

The reason why ablutophobia needs to be treated more seriously is because it can have serious implications on the person who has it. For cases that refuse to keep themselves clean, they can end up having to socially isolate themselves because of the embarrassment of not washing. There is also the fact that poor hygiene also leaves them susceptible to developing a number of serious illnesses and health problems. If you want to learn more about ablutophobia or might think you know someone who might have said phobia, you can visit https://massivephobia.com/ablutophobia-fear-of-washing-or-bathing-2/ to learn more.

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